About Us

EXTREME Portable Buildings has its roots in Canada’s natural resource sector. Engineers and skilled tradespeople working in remote and often harsh locations needed a portable facility that was rugged enough to withstand the extreme environment, while providing them with the security and functionality of a robust, industrial sized, site-built building.

 The EXTREME Portable Building was developed as a unique solution for their needs. Since then EPBs have been customized for applications in many other industries.

Our Team

Patrick Veer

VP Sales

Patrick is responsible for sales, marketing and general management activities. He has over 30 years of experience in a variety of international industry sectors including construction, energy, building materials, and software.

When he’s not consulting directly with customers on new stations, he’s participating in industry conferences and promotional events across the country.

Guillaume Allen, MEng.

Lead Engineer

Guillaume is responsible for managing day-to-day operational performance and for ensuring the design and quality of the companies manufactured products.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Sherbrook.

Guillaume has over 15 years of diverse industry experience leading successful teams across a broad range of applications. He is also credited with many EFS design and manufacturing innovations.

Randy Dunlop


The Dunlop name has been recognized in Southern Alberta since 1964. Randy grew up in the automotive industry working with his father and brother. The family business has expanded in the last fifty years to include the original Ford dealership, Western Star dealerships in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat and Doug Dunlop Leasing.

When Randy was approached to become a partner in Extreme Portable Buildings, he saw the opportunity to share his business acumen and help grow this fledgling company into a successful and thriving business. A group of hard-working dedicated professionals came together. Their focus is on building a quality product that will meet customer needs and an ownership experience that will exceed their expectations. The very things that Randy has used to be successful in his other businesses.

Kevin Neufeldt, P.Eng

VP Operations

Kevin Neufeldt serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Haul-All Equipment Ltd, the manufacturing partner in Extreme Portable Buildings. He has overseen the growth of Haul-All from 12 plant workers in 1985 to over 100 in 2014. During this time he has spearheaded various improvement initiatives in the areas of inventory control, quality management and Lean Manufacturing. He managed the design and implementation of their powder coating facility, making Haul-All the first company in the waste management industry to use this superior painting process. Kevin has directed the integration of the Extreme Portable Buildings structures into the manufacturing product line of Haul-All Equipment. Kevin holds a B.A.Sc. degree in System Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Kelly Philipp

VP Finance

Kelly Philipp is responsible for accounting, finance and legal contracts. Kelly has a knack for creative solutions to maximize value with a focus on customer benefits. Mr. Philipp provides leadership in the development of financial models that quantify the costs and benefits of various equipment solutions. This offers customers with the assurance necessary to feel comfortable making investment decisions that have a short-to-medium term payback horizon.

Mr. Philipp also serves as Vice President & CFO of Haul-All Equipment Ltd., President of Haul-All Leasing Ltd., and is a member of the Management Advisory Board in the Faculty of Management at the University of Lethbridge. Kelly holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University, is a professional accountant in good standing (CGA) and teaches various undergraduate finance courses at the University of Lethbridge. When not developing creative financial solutions or teaching, Kelly enjoys judo and crafting fine beers for friends and family.